Gilroy Garlic Beans

This is a whole food plant based no oil or fat recipe for beans, either as a soup if you add more liquid or as a creamy/chunky side dish.. I use an instant pot for convenience but you certainly could use a slow cooker or a stove top method.

Paige’s Citrus Salad

This Citrus Salad is not only amazing in flavor, but super versatile. For example I had this for breakfast, and it hit all the right spots to start my day. I don’t have macros on this because it’s an add as you please dish…and add I did! This would make a great side to any nice grilled protein, or easy to super size and bring it to a large gathering. Anyway you decide to incorporate this into your life, there are no mistakes!

Lissa’s Treasure Island Salad

This salad is delicious as well as beautifully colorful and pleasing to the eye. All of the ingredients are a delicate symphony of buried treasures as you discover each flavor on your eating journey. You’ll find the sharpness of the onions and shallots in combination with the pop of sweet strawberries and tartness of the grapefruit balsamic curiously delightful. The seeds provide extraordinary nutrition as well as added texture, reminiscent of a sandy beach.