Tapered Plastic Pour Spout with Cap (fits 12.7oz and 8.4oz)


A wonderfully practical tapered pour spout specifically designed to fit with our12.7oz or 8.4oz ounce bottles (NOT 5oz), complete with a cap to create a more airtight seal for cabinet storage. Most products we make should pour through the cap at a slower pace, perfect for preparing salads or drizzling to finish a dish. $3 each, or two for $5.

Note: The fit for the spouts is very tight, so make sure to be careful when removing the spouts later so as not to damage them. The cap and spout are two different parts, so make sure you take the black cap off the soft spout while installing the spout in the bottle in order to give the air in the bottle somewhere to vent out.

Spout Count

One Spout $3, Two Spouts $5


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