Weighted Metal Pour Spout

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A weighted pour spout designed specifically to fit our 8.4oz and 12.7oz bottles (not 5oz). Perfect for use in the kitchen for drizzling or measuring our oil-free balsamic vinegars or olive oils, the weighted pour spout combine ease of use with an appealing visual for table display. These caps are not recommended for our vinaigrettes or for long term storage due to their not being airtight and the vinaigrettes being too thick to pour through evenly. One Metal spout for $6, two for $10.

Note: The fit for the spouts in the 12.7oz bottles is very tight, so make sure to be careful when removing the spouts later so as not to damage them.

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Spout Count

One Spout $6, Two Spouts $10

1 review for Weighted Metal Pour Spout

  1. Gunther

    The item is excellent when you need to control the amount of California Balsamic from the large bottle to one of the smaller bottles, so you don’t have to take the large bottle to work or when you are traveling.

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