About us

California Balsamic is a unique line of specialty balsamic vinegars and oils, inspired by flavors from around the world. Our premium quality is fine-tuned through sampling, customer feedback and culinary creativity. In the early years California Balsamic (previously known as Tres Classique Specialty Foods) was a salad dressing and dessert sauce line until 1996 when world traveler and owner Thomas Allen landed in Ukiah, CA just in time to buy the business and over the next ten years transformed the business into the balsamic company it is today.

Before buying the business, Thomas worked at the Osaka Culinary Academy in Japan for one year as an instructor. He gave a loaf of banana bread as a thank you gift to a friend he met while in Japan who happened to be a friend of the manager at an Academy which had been looking for an American to teach American Cuisine, he got the job and loved it! When he returned to America he found Tres Classique for sale, and his time at the academy got him the loan! So, in a way, a loaf of banana bread started the business!

Our products feature the finest Fresh ingredients, high grade fruit essential oils, rice bran oil and our namesake 25 star balsamic from Modena, Italy – a custom balsamic made with an exceptionally high-quality grape must that enhances flavor and texture.

The sugars found in balsamic vinegar are a natural sugar from the grapes. No processed sugar is added to any of our products.

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Email: orders@californiabalsamic.com

Phone: 707-367-0155