“Amazing! This stuff is great! i received it in the mail today, and added it to my lunch time salad – wonderful flavor. and the bottles make it very easy to just add a drop at a time, which is about all you need when it brings soo much flavor! Great find. I will have to get a sample pack in the future!”

Dr. Paul Giles from Maryland

“Thank you so much Thomas for my wonderful Italian Dressing. I just got my shipment and it came in perfect condition and so quick! Please keep making your products as they are just fabulous!”

Debbie B. from Georgia

Your product is beyond delicious! I am a graduate of the McDougall 12-Day Program, and am currently maintaining a 70 pound weight loss. I was excited to discover your balsamic vinegars which are adding something ultra special to my simple plant based meals.  I look forward to having your products as part of my maintenance journey. Game changer!

Beth F. from Illinois

“I watched a podcast from Chef A.J., and she sung your praises over what wonderful, flavorful vinegars you have. I ordered the Chef A.J. sample set, and you were kind enough to let me customize my order. Not only was I able to customize my order, which is my first but certainly not my last, but I received a free gift of Ruby Red Balsamic. I can’t wait to utilize these vinegars to transform my meals into something spectacular. I sent an email before when I was unable to track my order, and I received a lovely call from a gentleman named Thomas who reassured me when my order would arrive, and interestingly, was originally from Michigan, went to Birmingham Seaholm High School, and Western Michigan University. The very school my children attended. California Balsamic is a wonderful company, who really take care of their customers. It is greatly appreciated, and I look forward to being a life-long customer.

I am still in awe that the owner of the company, took the time to call me, AND answer me in an email. I am trying to transition to a whole food plant-based way of eating, and not using oil is harder than I thought. I never realized that I could get flavorful vinegars other than my boring apple cider, white, or rice varieties. You have exceeded my expectations, and am so happy that I discovered your company. Lastly, GO BRONCOS!”

Margaret Borowski from Michigan

” I want you to know how amazing I find your products. It was thanks to a mention by Chef AJ that I discovered you. We both love the cilantro balsamic so much. We went through a bottle in less than three weeks, which is pretty fast for a balsamic, my mother loves it so much. She told me I MUST get the biggest bottle possible this time. Thank you for making eating healthy that much easier and tastier.”

Elizabeth F. from California

“Got the vinegars yesterday. My husband who is a ranch dressing only person, loves the 7-Herb Italian thanks so much. Also, thanks for adding the Ginger balsamic. I can only take ginger in small quantities, but this was awesome. I put it on my air-fried sweet potato. So delicious and zingy.”

Ann D. from Tennessee

“Your flavors are the best I have ever tasted! Thank you for what you do! Your products have enabled me to more fully commit to a plant-based diet and lost 40 pounds so far. Thank You for your association with Chef AJ so that I could find you. I have told so many friends about your company!”

Cammie E. from Idaho

“I travel the world with my California Balsamic! Currently, I am in Mexico on a scuba diving yacht exploring the Soccoro Islands seeking Giant Manta Rays, Hammerhead Sharks, Humpback Whales, and many other sea creatures. But traveling with my balsamics continue to allow me to stay SOS-free. Thanks California Balsamic.”

Michael G. from California

“Hi! I’m so happy to watch your cooking videos with your vinegars!! I have fallen in love with both your Garden Dill and curry! I’m still trying the other flavors I ordered! Yummy! I will order more as soon as finances allow! Thank you for all your wonderful balsamics! It’s opened up a whole new healthy and tasty world for me!! much appreciated!”

Delite F. from Texas

“A+ Feedback: Dinner guests last night loved the Italian sampler as do we. It’s a keeper! In addition, one person who doused her garden greens with the Classic said this was the best salad ever and this was due to your balsamic for sure. I must add they are used to pouring on the dressing and didn’t quite understand my suggestion to start with a tablespoon! In the future, I think I’ll make the dressing selection and pre-dress my salads! Thank you for a quality product!”

Claire K. from California

“I love eating great big beautiful salads with lots of colorful fruits and vegetables every day, twice a day.  I find the key to enjoying these salads is to have delicious flavors to top them off. California Balsamic gives me all the choices I want. My favorites are Sweet Heat, Smoked Hickory,  Spice Traders Curry, and Garlic.  My daughter loves the 7- Herb Italian and Teriyaki, and my son loves the Ginger and Fig. I like having so many wonderful choices,  though,  so I keep my pantry full with other flavors, too. Your company provides excellent service. The delivery is quick and perfectly packed. I have never had a problem with breakage.”

Diane J. from Nevada

“What a great time I had tasting on my lunch hour- thank you, Thomas! I’ve just added the sample lemon to my tea and am going to put some teriyaki on my lunch veggies. I’m excited to try all of the flavors and now know where my Christmas gifts will be from. I’ll also be shouting your name from the rooftops in my plant-based FB groups. Amazing flavors- balsamics, olive oils and vinaigrettes, and super friendly proprietors. Can’t decide which balsamic is my favorite- the white peach was amazing as was the Island pineapple, but the 7-herb Italian was superb and so was the Ruby red onion. And the lemon, and the cilantro herb, and the apricot and the teriyaki…”

Katrina T. from California

“I have a problem. We ordered a bunch of different Balsamics from you guys to try almost all of them. We also got quite a few samples free from you guys which is much appreciated, which brings me to our problem. We did this to see which ones would be our favorites and so far we have tried about half of them and so far every single one is delicious and has its own great uses which means it looks like we will have to keep all flavors on hand. We are all in love with them and I wanted to let you know my first meal every day starts off with a big salad and my body is thanking me. Your Balsamics really make me look forward and crave my daily salad so thank you because my wife never thought I’d love salad as much as I do. We are in love with them. I just made a baked Yukon gold potato with some vegan Thai green curry on top. Done this a few times and today I was like wait a minute there is a curry balsamic. I added this on top and it made this dish from good to amazing. It basically adds a unique tangy flavor that compliments it so perfectly. You guys definitely have lifetime customers.”

“Dear People at California Balsamic, I have been using your products almost daily for some time now and I want to thank you for your incredible service. The orders arrive within a couple days all the way across the country,  and often with a little personalized handwritten note.  This time I chose a sample of chocolate/orange balsamic. When my order arrived not only was there a handwritten note but also a few recipes!! I am so thrilled and can’t wait to try out the recipes and explore more recipe ideas on your website.  Thank you again for making my day!”

Dianne L. from Vermont
Bradley A. from Missouri

“Dear Thomas, Thank you for the truly exquisite balsamic vinegars you produce! When I saw you on Chef AJ’s show, I was so skeptical (how good could they really be?), but thought since you had that lovely little sampler, I could hardly pass it up. Having spent a lot of time in Italy, I was a bit of a balsamic snob, but you sure put me in my place! They truly are fabulous. And I was so grateful that you allowed substitutions on such a small order as I was able to try the flavors that most appealed to me. I was completely delighted with the two unexpected little sample bottles as well! Thank you for a quick, easy and delicious experience with your company. I’m sure I’ll be wanting to try more and more flavors in the future.”

Michele M. from Louisiana

“I’ve been on the summit with Chef AJ and she recommended your balsamic. Today I was at the Farmer’s Market and bought the Garden Dill Mustard Seed Balsamic to make the potato salad. It was so wonderful… I just wanted to tell you that.”

Diane Crawford from California

“I just want extend a shout out to Ethel. She noticed my order was a bit mixed up, she called me to verify, then quickly sent me just what I wanted! Thank you so much Ethel. As for the product, GREAT… haven’t been through them all but Sweet Heat is YUMMY! Thanks.”

Christina B. from Wisconsin

“I would like to tell you a short story. I had never tried balsamic vinegar in all my 66 years. I was looking for something healthier to put on my salad than store bought dressing and someone suggested balsamic vinegar. I ordered from you. Yours was the only balsamic vinegar I had ever tried. I went to work this morning taking my salad for lunch as usual and realized I had left the little bottle of balsamic at home so texted a friend who was coming in a bit later, asking if she had any that she would bring. She brought HER balsamic vinegar. I gaily poured it on my salad at lunchtime, took a mouthful and it was all I could do not to spit the whole lot out. It made me realize just how different yours is to the run of the mill vinegars! There is absolutely no comparison. Thank you for such an excellent product.”

Jean J. from Illinois

“I received my order today and I am so pleased. My gosh, where have these balsamic vinegars been all my life?!?! I sampled each one and they all taste sublime! I received my well packed order sooner than I anticipated. I will definitely be ordering more in the future. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product.”

Susan B. from Texas

“This is an amazing vinegar! I can’t imagine my life without it now! Just the right balance of sweet and zing! I love it on my salads every day!”

Jennifer J. from Illinois

“These balsamic vinegars are delicious, I’m hooked! Thank you.”

Susan U. from North Carolina

“My husband and I just returned from an 8 day journey from Texas to Colorado for a family wedding. After almost a year WFPB no SOS, I decided to challenge myself to see if we could prepare compliant meals the whole trip. The only meal we did not prepare was at the wedding reception!!! Now, in order to make that successful, California Balsamic vinegars had to travel with us. So, how much vinegar did we consume??? I took 7 various plastic 3oz travel bottles and one 12.7 oz bottle of Sweet Heat (Husband can’t live without his Sweet Heat!) and all returned empty! If my math is correct, that’s 33.7 oz of vinegar. With the current August special (which is where I collected my current bottles last year)I thought this might be informative information for someone looking to travel in the future. Thanks for your wonderful products that add so much flavor to our compliant meals. I’m getting ready to take advantage of the August special!”

Kay R. from Arlington

“Dear Thomas, Your Balsamic Vinegars are sensational and always transport me to Paradise! I just tried the Persian Lime and it is fabulous! While Persian Lime has a citrus tang it is also subtle, sublime and unforgettable. The sparkling flavor cleanses the palate leaving one with this remarkable, exotic, lingering essence. Persian Lime is truly an Earthly Delight!”

Chris P. from New York City

“I JUST received my CHEF AJ sampler set and couldn’t wait to try SOMETHING! I made a breakfast scramble of tofu, onion, Yukon gold potatoes, spinach and turmeric and added the CURRY BALSAMIC to finish it off. It definitely elevated my breakfast to a new level! I’m so looking forward to trying another flavor later today! Thank you Thomas (and Chef AJ😉)”

Patti B. from Florida

“My vinegars arrived last week and I absolutely love your creations. The tastes are so fresh and nuanced. I am a new customer thanks to Chef AJ. You are doing amazing work to improve our tasteful world. It is abundantly evident that so much passion, care and love fills every bottle and is infused into all the complexities of the business. Bravo. Keep on with your fascinating and delicious mission.”

Terry T. from Arizona

“I love your vinegars! Thank you for making wonderful products that “help the vegetables go down” (sung to the tune of “just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down)!”

Janelle H. from Utah

“One of my favorite times in the day is when I’m hungry and prepare my colorful salad: Romaine lettuce, fresh cucumbers, mini bell peppers, cherry tomatoes and green onions. To enhance these flavors I use olive oil mixed with avocado oil, salt and black pepper, and drizzle on it all one of the amazing Balsamic vinegars I get from California Balsamic. It’s either Pomegranate Balsamic, Fig Balsamic or Fresh Basil Balsamic. If I add blueberries or strawberries to my salad, I will use Peach White Balsamic and go straight to heaven! Thank you, California Balsamic for making my day!”

Estee S. from California

“I finished my bottles of curry, sweet heat cilantro so fast. They were by far my favorites. I couldn’t wait to order again! Chef AJ was on to something with the curry flavor its so amazing, I love it. I can’t live without it in my kitchen now!! And sweet heat I used in place of hot sauce. I use my balsamics everyday on something. They make everything taste better. I put the orange chocolate on ice cream and on fruit. Also I bought my two moms and sister gift sets they were extremely happy thank you again!! I want to try coconut and apple pie on oatmeal and ice cream! Thanks again for what you do I appreciate you! You have a forever customer with me!”

Sarah S. from Michigian

“I can’t even begin to tell you how very much we love your products! My husband has a Lazy Susan that sits on the table right in front of him with all of his favorites, so he can mix and match as he’s eating. He cracks me up!”

Maureen K. From Texas

“I just received my 2nd order of your lovely vinegars….. And I just want you to know how much I LOVE them!!!! The flavors are fantastic, your service quick and accurate…… and the samples!!! I take them with me to restaurants as my salad dressing. Thank you so much for your products!!! btw…Chef AJ sent me!”

Jeanne L. from Milwaukie

“I just wanted to compliment you business for awesome customer service. I have struggled to find healthy SOS items while being stationed in Belgium. Thankfully, your products are making my meals much more enjoyable. I was sure to give you a good review on your website as well. Thanks for shipping to military APO addresses!”

Travis M. stationed in Belgium

“Hi Thomas! Saw you on ‘Tuesdays with Thomas’ on Chef AJ earlier this week and I cannot wait to try that Persian Lime balsamic! Absolutely love, love, LOVE the ginger! It’s a game-changer! Have a great week!”

Alisa B. from Utah

” I had not used the Hickory Smoke before and I used my entire bottle for many dishes in testing recipes this month. I have to say that the Hickory Smoke, of all the flavors I have tried, has a mystical magical quality to it. It was a superb enhancer to so MANY MANY bean recipes taking on subtle but deliciously different highlights on each variety of bean. I made Smoky Bean Hummus with Garbanzos & alternately with White Beans and it achieved a sensational, unique effect on each type of bean. I made Rice Paper Bacon with my recipe but substituting the balsamic for two other ingredients and my family applauded at the new sweet hickory flavor (they even thought it looked more like “real” bacon). I used it for baked beans, Asparagus, “Little Smokies” (Carrot Doggies), Smoky Jalapeno Ketchup, and on open faced tomato, avocado, sandwiches. I ran out before I could make anything more… thus… I am ordering a new and BIGGER bottle this month! Thank you for the fun in cooking oil free. I am sure you have been testing recipes all month too! Can’t wait to see what comes next. Thank you for being so generous this month with the specials!”

Lorrie H. from California

“I think I’ve almost tried them all by now. Thank you for making such wonderful vinegars!”

Anya V. from Illinois

“Hi Thomas, I cannot live without the premium classic balsamic!!! I use it for so many recipes. You are just a genius. I ran out of the classic and bought some at Whole Foods just to tide me over, and it is terrible–and I paid a lot for it. You have absolutely spoiled me!! So Please, get my order out as soon as possible!!! Hope you and Ethel are safe and doing well. Best regards, Sherry”

Sherry W. from Texas

“I am a fan of Chef AJ. Thanks for producing absolutely delicious balsamic vinegars. I love them all!!! This is my third order.”

Judy B. from Virginia

“OMG! Just received my order. You are so very kind to have included samples. My husband and I dove right in and sooooo delicious!!!. Thank you so much. Again thank you and love your product. Will without a doubt be ordering again soon. Best to you!!!!!”

Gina F. from Illinois

“Thank you so much for offering the two free samples for each order. You have a customer for life!”

Kathleen T. from Washington

“Hi Thomas! Your balsamics are FABULOUS and I continue to enjoy them as a regular customer. Thank you for all your hard work creating such divine products!!”

Ruth G. from California

“Thanks so much! Our entire family loves every single one we have tried!!”

Barbara H. from Montana

“Two things… I love your vinegars on so many things. Sweet savory. I keep coming back… peach is hands down my favorite! Keep up the new flavors!”

Elisa D. from Oregon

“Hello. So glad Chef AJ referred me. Loved the sampler set and now back for full sizes of my favorites.”

Llana Brunner from Rockville

“Thanks for creating these. So delicious and a real game changer for those of us who eat plant based.”

Robbie B. from Pennsylvania

“Becoming WFPB, it was no fun scaling back on coconut, but that problem is solved thanks to you. My favorite salad now is romaine, mango, red onion, avocado and your coconut balsamic! Kudos and thanks. I’ve waited 5 years for this revelation. 🙂”

Carolyn S. from Arizona

“Thank you so very much for all of your time and effort to produce amazing flavors!”

Lola N. from Georgia

“Just wanted to drop you a line to say that I LOVE your products! My husband purchased a sampler set for me for Christmas. The only issue was that he kept stealing them from me so they ran our pretty quickly. Lol. I remedied that by ordering more and just received them today. Can’t wait to keep trying all of your different balsamics. Thank you for making the journey to good health more flavorful and fun. :)”

Lauren D from New York

“Thank you for sending the sample of ginger balsamic. It was perfectly balanced. I enjoyed it on salad and poured a bit over my butternut squash soup. The ginger flavor comes through well and it leaves a nice sharpness on the tongue. It’s a winner!”

Patricia H. from California

“I know I just placed another order recently, but the Ruby Red Onion was so delicious in the sample size that I had to order it!”

Rona K. from Connecticut

“Your sweet heat is my absolute favorite. I do not like spicy and order mild spice when eating ethnic food, but I pour this in large quantities on my morning salad.”

Barbara R. from Washington

“I recently found out about your products from Chef AJ (who I only recent started following online as well). After seeing her use your products and rave about them, I took a chance and ordered the Chef AJ variety pack. It came in mail promptly thereafter, but I’m only now getting around to trying them out. I just tried my first one (Teriyaki) out by sprinkling it over steamed broccoli and WOW – it is so so so good!! I opened the other bottles that came in my pack (and the two samples you sent – thanks for those!!) just to taste test them, and they are all truly amazing. Thank you for creating/carrying such delicious balsamics!! I’m trying really hard to clean up my diet, which involves eating a lot of vegetables each day. Sadly, I don’t like veggies very much. Your balsamic are a game-changer for me and will be making my veggies so much for appealing and tasty! Excited to know about your business. I’ll be placing many more orders in the future. Thanks again for your high quality balsamics, prompt shipping, and the samples you sent me. All are very much appreciated.”

Laura K. from Washington

“I learned about your company from Chef AJ and now have fallen in love with your balsamic vinegars they are amazing. Thank you for developing all of the different flavors, I cannot wait to try them all. Since following her and trying out her recipes I am feeling more energetic and am loosing a some of those extra midlife pounds. Thank you again”

Sandra K. from South Carolina

“I truly love your products. My husband says to slow down on the orders, but he has a California Balsamic addict on his hands. :)”

Debra U. from Montana

“I love your products and I’m hoping to help my mom off salt so she can lower her blood pressure. Thank you for making your products SOS free!!!”

Andrea G. from California

“This is making it so easy to stick to eating healthy. I’ve been working out regularly and am really excited as I’m starting to see definition coming through. I’ve also mentioned you guys in our vegan fitness group challenge so maybe you might get an order out of it because I’ve been posting some of the recipes of food I’ve made.”Bradly A. from Missouri”Chef AJ and Nutmeg Notebook recommended you, and I’m so glad they did! I LOVE the new 7-Herb Italian, Garden Dill and Mustard seed, Pomegranate, and Chocolate Orange. Thanks for making such wonderful vinegars!! Peace, love, Vegan, Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth C. from Florida

“I LOVE, and I mean LOVE, your vinegars. Thanks so much and have a great year. PS – Enjoyed seeing you on Chef AJ’s show, too. You have so many plant based folks who are enamored with your products. And it is so easy to know why.”

Janet L. from Virginia

“Thank you so much for your products! Since i’ve gone plant based, your balsamic vinegars have helped me flavor things I’d never imagined.”

Kristine T. from Utah

“My order arrived today! That was fast! Everything in perfect condition I am so excited! Thank you, also, for your samples… I can not wait to try everything!! Also, my five high school friends have now all received their Chef AJ gift sets, and they are all as excited as I am… the taste of California Balsamic is out of this world. Thank you for your world class customer service Thomas.”

Denise C. from Ireland

“WOW, Thomas, I was so pleasantly shocked today to receive the lightning-fast order of all the vinegars along with a bonus one! Thank you SO MUCH FOR SUPER FAST SHIPPING!!! They all look fantastic and I’ve passed along your info to lots of friends and my mom who all plan to order from you. You and your wife are SO very talented and I’m SO very happy to receive these wonderful vinegars of so many exciting flavors. YUM!! California Balsamic is the best! Your enthusiastic fan, Ruth”

Ruth G. from California

“I just received my order in a very timely manner and although I was at first skeptical that your balsamic would really taste any differently than balsamics that I have bought locally… I can tell you my husband and I are BLOWN away!!!! I cannot believe how delicious they are. All of them are yummy but your Curry Balsamic was mind-blowing!!!! Will be ordering again soon!!!!”

Julia T. from Massachusetts

“Oh My Gosh! I thought Ruby Red Onion was my favorite, next to Dill Mustard, but my samples of the 7-Herb Italian came today and I am amazed at the wonderful flavor! It is so nice to no have to make salad dressings because I have your wonderful vinegars! Thank you so much!”

Peggy B. from Ohio

“Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our order. The vinegars we have tried are soooo good! Thank you for sending a few extra samples for my birthday. So considerate of you. The days get pretty long so we really look forward to sampling a new vinegar now and then. The little pleasures in life.”

Lynn E. from Texas

“Just tried the Teriyaki Balsamic – delicious!! I am so impressed with how good it tastes on my stir fry and salt free.”

Kathleen H. from Washington

“I just received my order of CA Balsamic and I have no words to decide how wonderful tasting they are. I am in love with your products and am a customer for life because of your great product and amazing customer service! Thank you!”

Suzanne G. from California

“With the changes in your website and shipping, I was able to track my package and it arrived quicker than in the past. I have a large family and we use your vinegars on everything from smoothie bowls to poke bowls. I love the vinegars and appreciate your company.”

Jackie G. from Texas

“Just want you to know that I love, love, love your new 7-herb Italian balsamic. How I wish I had bought more! Outstanding!”

Janet R. from Illinois

“My fiancé and I purchased several mini oil and balsamic samples from you at the October walnut festival in Pleasanton. We had a nice time chatting with the woman who sold it to us. I just wanted to reach out and say we really enjoyed every single one of the items we got! We are so happy we could support your business and I hope to find your tent at another event soon because we ran out lol. Thank you!”

Lyndsey C. from Nevada

“Hi Thomas I hope you had a great holiday. I had to write to tell you that the vinegars arrived safely and so quick. I couldn’t believe how fast they arrived. I couldn’t help myself and took a small sample of each. They are amazing!!! I will be shouting from the roof tops and telling everyone about you. You have made a life long customer. Thank you again!!”

Carrie H. from Tennessee

“I just got your vinegar this week and wow! 7-Herb Balsamic has restored my love for salad again. How do you make it so sweet and thick? I couldn’t handle red balsamic vinegar due to its acidity. Well today I was making veggie sushi and I ran out of rice vinegar without sugar so I used your island pineapple vinegar and it worked perfectly.”

Sue L. from Maryland

“Hello, Thomas and crew from Texas, I wanted to let you know my last order from you arrived just now! I am thrilled to get it, to say the least! I had allowed myself to run totally out of that precious vinegar and, boy, did I miss it?! The shipment arrived in perfect shape… your packing paid off!! Thank you for your products and your great service. Until next time… 😘”

Nancy B. from Texas

“I just received my first order and every is in great condition. I am so pleased with the top notch service I have received from your company and delighted you kindly sent a sample of Smoked Hickory along as well!! I think that (with your help) I have been able to update my account, so thank you very much!!! Thank you Patrick, have a great weekend!”

Mary S. from Louisiana

“Love your products! I’ve lost 100 pounds I love them so much. I follow Chef AJ and Nutmeg Notebook.”

Mary J. from Arroyo Grande

“Mom just Loves all of the Balsamic Vinegars that I bought for her and especially the two samples that you added for her to try. I had the Gilroy Garlic on my Chicken Fettuccini last night and man was that great stuff. We just Love your Balsamic Vinegars, I have finally found a great place to get my fix of Balsamic Vinegars. Thank You for making such a great product.”

Robert P. from California

“Many thanks for your astonishingly wonderful vinegars. Each bottle is lovingly wrapped for the journey and opening the box is a delight. This delivery is beauty in a bottle. Thanks again for all you do,”

Terry T. from Arizona

“I don’t know if you’re taking more testimonials, but I simply had to write and tell you what I think of California Balsamic vinegars. Wow. I love mixing and matching balsamic vinegars and flavored olive oil, but I wasn’t prepared for this. California Balsamic vinegars are an explosion of flavor in your mouth. I will never go back to anything less. And I couldn’t begin to tell you what my favorite is…they all are. I guess I’ll just say California Balsamic is my favorite. Thank you.”

Kendra M. from Maine

“This company has the most amazing products and the customer service is outstanding! I placed an order as a gift to my sister in law and they noticed that I wasn’t shipping to my address so Thomas took the time to call me (twice) and put in a personalized card. This goes way beyond the call of duty. We spoke about our love of Michigan and his level of personal assistance was a breathe of fresh air. Thank you Thomas and California Balsamic. I’m a customer for life and I would encourage anyone to try this company!!!”

Mary K. from Michigan

“Thomas, I had THE BEST southwest salad today thanks to you! The Lime Balsamic was the perfect touch to my lunch salad. I’ll be ordering a mega bottle of that for sure, and we look forward to trying the other sample, too. :-)”

Beth R. from Virginia

“Wow!! I am shocked and so pleased by the immediate response from this company. Talk about wonderful customer service. I’ve been buying from you guys for over a year now. This dressing is one of the reasons my husband and I eat a salad every day! So thank you very much. I am grateful I found this company through Chef AJ over a year ago.”

Jennifer A. from Washington

“You know what the problem is with the sample sizes? We end up loving them and then need to buy the big bottles. You guys are seriously the best. My kids have jumped on the vinegar bandwagon; it’s that good.”

Heather M. from Idaho

“I have been watching Chef AJ for some time now and would see California Balsamic featured on a regular basis. The products sounded great but I was concerned about expense. I ordered a set of four flavored balsamic flavors off of Amazon, thinking they would be less expensive and just as good as CB. Boy, was I wrong! They were more expensive than your balsamic, and the Amazon balsamic flavors were TERRIBLE! I literally could not use them. I broke down and ordered the CB sample box of four flavors. I was delighted when I received them to find two additional flavors at no charge! I promptly tried every flavor… INCREDIBLE! I was stunned at how amazing they ALL tasted! And loved the sample flavors you included as well! I am really excited to begin using your balsamic. Needless to say, lesson learned! I am telling everyone about your delicious, supremely crafted products. I will be back!”

Louisa W from California

We want to again Thank You All for your Life saving and Life extending
product. This is not an exaggeration. They are soooo delicious / salt and
oil free/ promote more veggies and greens and whole plant foods due to easy pre made balsamic/sauce to throw on. I know that my parents have benefitted health/longevity wise from your products. God Bless You All

Melissa T from Oregon