Chef AJ interviews Thomas Allen, Owner of California Balsamic

Chef AJ interviews our founder, Thomas Allen

“Today I had the pleasure of chatting with Thomas Allen, the founder of California Balsamic, a wonderful vinegar company in Ukiah California. In April 2020 they have a terrific special you can find on their website at”

Healthy Living LIVE! with Thomas Allen

Chef AJ interviews our founder, Thomas Allen, to discuss some of her favorite flavors.

Free Plant-Based Recipes

Plant-based cooking has never been more simple or more delicious. This recipe template built specifically for California Balsamic vinegars will allow you to mix and match ingredients to produce surprising results. This will help you  create meals that are simple, fast, and delicious. And when you do that… You’ll be following a system that has helped thousands of people become  more successful on a plant-based program while working with Christin Bummer and the Forever Diet coaching programs.  

When you mix and match ingredients as shown, and serve them “Buddha Bowl” style, you’ll  have an endless variety of options at your disposal. Simply stock up a variety of whole grains, a  variety of beans, and a variety of vegetables. Cook a big pot of brown rice and quinoa on  Sunday and eat it throughout the week. By changing up the beans, veggies, and sauces, each dish  has a new flavor profile just by making ONE swap!! 

To download your free guide, visit

New Flavors From California Balsamic

Chef AJ and our founder, Thomas Allen, discuss some of the new flavors that were coming out at the time.

Review and Food Find discussion by Tami from

Tami from discusses culinary applications possible with out flavors.

Tuesdays with Thomas: September 1st, 2020

Thomas and Chef AJ discuss and make recipes submitted by our customers using our Smoked Hickory balsamic

Hickory Smoked BBQ Jackfruit & Lemon Broccoli Recipes With Chef AJ

Chef AJ discusses several recipes she made with two of our popular flavors after the Real Truth About Weight Loss Summit

Tuesdays with Thomas: October 13th, 2020

Thomas Allen shows us how to use new flavors. Here he shows us how to make Pear Overnight Oats and Kabocha Farro Salad. Also featuring a musical interlude courtesy of Thomas from his time with “Up With People.”

Delicious Pinapple with curry recipe by Vegan News Daily

During her segment on Indian cooking, “The Speedy Vegan” Elspeth Feldman made a delicious pineapple curry snack using our Spice Trader’s Curry Balsamic.

To read the article click below, or watch the video here:

Tuesdays With Thomas: December 1st, 2020

Thomas and Chef AJ showcase a variety of sweet recipes using the Chocolate Orange Balsamic. 

Tuesdays With Thomas: January 19th, 2021

Thomas and Chef AJ discuss making three SOS recipes using the Premium White Balsamic: “Bubble & Squeek,” Twice Baked Potatoes, and Sushi Rice.

Tuesdays with Thomas Feb 2, 2021: VEGAN Brownie Recipe & More

Thomas and chef AJ show three fun SOS recipes with a cherry balsamic twist. Vegan brownies, a cherry pudding, and quinoa stuffed squash. 

Tuesdays with Thomas Feb 2, 2021: VEGAN Brownie Recipe & More

Thomas and chef AJ show three fun SOS recipes with a cherry balsamic twist. Vegan brownies, a cherry pudding, and quinoa stuffed squash. 

Be Green With Amy: Valentine's Day Mocktail Drink Demo

Amy and Thomas show you how to easily make delicious, plant based, fizzy drinks. Great for Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, New Years Eve or any day!

Tuesdays with Thomas March 2, 2021: Chef AJ's Potato Salad & More

Thomas and chef AJ talk about three SOS recipes we love using the savory Dill Mustard Seed Balsamic: Vegan Potato Salad, Chickpea Crunch Stuffed Bell Peppers, and a delightful Easy Bean Salad

California Balsamic

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Owner Thomas, very nice, polite, honest, extremely helpful recommendations. I bought several balsamic bottles from 'California Balsamic,' & OMG, life changer! They're absolutely & totally delicious, sweet & tart like candy!!!... I pour myself a spoonful everytime I look at them. I can't help myself, addicted!!!
Judy B.