Garden Dill Mustard Seed Balsamic

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Dill Mustard is an old favorite from our Tres Classique days and we brought it back for our SOS free friends. A unique blend of herb and spice designed to enhance the flavor of veggies, green salads, cucumber salad, and potato salad. Ethel puts the Dill Mustard over some steamed spinach that are on a bed of grains. Drizzle over cooked fish or chicken to give a lively flavor boost. Make your own custom blend of Dill Mustard with any of our savory flavors: Gilroy Garlic, Sweet Heat, Teriyaki, Blazin Balsamic or Premium Classic.  Also mix it with Simply Lemon for a sweet dill lemon mustard blend.

Scroll down and watch the video below to learn how to open and “shake” our premium balsamic blends.

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Ingredients: Premium White Balsamic Vinegar (4% acidity), Fresh Dill, Dried Mustard Seed

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26 reviews for Garden Dill Mustard Seed Balsamic

  1. Kaydee A Burford

    Drizzled over potatoes- baked/air fried/ steamed. Amazing! So full of flavor.

  2. Janice (verified owner)

    One of the best! The tangy bite of mustard and aromatic fresh dill is amazing! One of my favorite ways to dress greens, potato or farro salad. Light and refreshing.

  3. Gunther

    Very delicious. Cool and refreshing for the summertime.

  4. Michelle (verified owner)

    Love to mix this and the ruby red onion flavor with salt free mustard, I chop some onion and celery and toss it with cold cubed potatoes for an sos free potato salad that I serve over arugula, an easy delicious side dish!

  5. Sharyn Councell (verified owner)

    Another one that I just have to have in my arsenal at all times! Since I eat salads everyday I like to switch it up. So I use this with some of the Gilroy garlic or with the ruby red onion! So many combinations these balsamics are so versatile!
    My secret ingredient for coleslaw and my untuna was always bread and butter pickles. Then I gave up sweeteners and sugar and I thought my favorite dishes were gone forever! Then comes along garden mustard dill and the simply lemon, together with my tofu mayo makes the best dressing for coleslaws and untunas And don’t forget potato salad!

  6. Deborah Whitt

    Incredible flavor!! I just ordered a large bottle!

  7. Annie Dahl

    I ran out of this one FAST… it is by far the one i seriously CRAVE! … it isso good on potatoes, a vegie wrap from subway, any salad, on beans, of any sort!
    OMGosh… I am salivating, just thinking of how much I LOVE this balsamic…. THANK YOU TOM& friends! You all make eating extremely enjoyable on a whole new WFPB level!!!!!

  8. Kim V

    Really delicious – adds so much flavor to any salad or dish.

  9. Peggy Bertsch

    One of my favorites! Over my chopped salad, but better west to enhance the flavor of my chickpea salad.

  10. Donna B. (verified owner)

    Delicious, really amps up our steamed veggies!

  11. Andrea

    I imagine this on a chilled potato salad as dill would be delicious.

  12. Lauren Zelniker (verified owner)

    We love this flavor vinegar it is amazing on anything ! Even my grandkids love it ! Best company and best service !

  13. Beverly Bajada (verified owner)

    This is delicious! I’m in heaven with this on my salad. I’m thrilled to have an easy salad dressing that I don’t have to make!

  14. Lori H (verified owner)

    Excellent dressing for a tossed salad! Delicious!

  15. Karyn (verified owner)

    Love garden dill and mustard seed! So good on salads!

  16. Betsy

    Just got this today and boy is it good! Had a rather bland meal that I was looking to add some seasoning to and this did the trick! Will order again!

  17. Linda OBryan (verified owner)

    I love so many of their products, but I didn’t like this one as much as I thought I would. I’d suggest starting with a smaller sample size to see if you love it as much as many of the other reviewers do. Admittedly, I only used it on greens, not pasta salads, so maybe it’s better suited for pasta or potato salads.

  18. Linda M

    When this flavor came out, I tried it as a sampler because I love mustard and dill in general. Wow…it’s quite delicious! I’ve used it on everything I usually put Balsamic on…potatoes, salad, cottage cheese and fish. My girls love this one too!

  19. Carolyn (verified owner)

    Wonderful flavor. Love to marinate cucumber slices for salt free pickles.

  20. Nadine

    OMG!! All this time I thought my favorite was the 7 herb Italian..only to find out that I love this one even more. It is DELICIOUS!!!! I wish it came in a bigger bottle. Or even better…refillable pouches. Tommy, isn’t that a great idea???? Less glass bottles. And I‘m sure your regular customers will love it!!!!

  21. Charred

    A favorite for fresh, cool, last-minute pickled cucumber slices. The Garden Dill Mustard Seed Balsamic pairs well with the Ruby Red Onions Balsamic … both very delicious.

  22. Laura Walker (verified owner)

    Hands down the best I’ve ever tasted!
    It’s all I buy now!

  23. Jen (verified owner)

    This is excellent on ANY kind of potato. It seriously is delicious and simple to drizzle over potatoes. I highly recommend!

  24. Lorna Crabtree

    This Garden Dill Mustard Seed is my all time favorite. I could almost drink it from the bottle! In my opinion, it’s the absolute best topping for a baked potato or in a potato salad. I don’t even need any other seasonings for them! Love, love, love this one!

  25. Elaine Lamb (verified owner)

    This is so good on a baked potato. You don’t need anything else on the potato. Also good on other vegetables, really every vegetable that I tried it on.

  26. Joy Miller (verified owner)

    My pantry must-haves are Garden Dill Mustard Seed, Teriyaki, and Sweet Heat. I can’t live without these because they make everything taste better.

    The Garden Dill Mustard Seed is especially delicious on regular romaine salads and potato salads. It is so delicious that I don’t even buy fresh dill because it gives so much flavor to everything I put it on. Makes each dish taste like it includes dill straight from the garden. So good!

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