Spice Traders Curry Balsamic

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Our Spice Traders Curry balsamic is a delightful blend of our premium classic white balsamic with a sodium-free curry powder as a throwback to a classic savory dressing from our Tres Classique Days. A richly flavorful balsamic vinegar for finishing your meal, Spice Traders Curry is popular over vegetable rice bowls, salads, fish, or chicken.

Scroll down and watch the video below to learn how to open and “shake” our premium balsamic blends.

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Ingredients: Premium White Balsamic Vinegar (4% acidity), Sodium-Free Curry Powder (organic coriander seed, organic turmeric root, organic cumin seed, organic fenugreek seed, organic cayenne, organic black pepper, organic yellow mustard seed, organic ginger root, organic cinnamon, organic cardamom, organic cloves, organic nutmeg)

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27 reviews for Spice Traders Curry Balsamic

  1. Anya (verified owner)

    LOVE is all I can say! This is my favorite balsamic vinegar that you make and it was a tough choice because they are all amazing!!

  2. Janice (verified owner)

    Who knew curry was so delicious ?! Such a great blend that is perfectly savory, earthy and sweet … modest on the heat … just delicious … milled perfectly smooth. I love it with toasted garbanzo beans, veg on a bed of rice or steamed dark greens. Before I fell in love here… I must have been doing curry all wrong … lol. Just real ingredients done so well… it’s fabulous.

  3. Gunther

    When it comes to having sauces to be used on food during a cold winter day, Curry Balsamic apart from the Sweet Heat Balsamic is the perfect one to use. It keeps your body warm while helping you eat your food.

  4. Aleta Best

    This is amazing. Just a drizzle on roasted sweet potatoes is fabulous!

  5. Michelle (verified owner)

    When I have no time to cook this is my favorite go to, I always have rice and frozen vegetables on hand to warm quickly and this is my go to flavor for steamed rice and veggies, nothing else needed for satisfying and complex sos free flavor!

  6. Mary (verified owner)

    This is delicious on rice and vegetables; and amazing on baked potatoes!

  7. Sharyn Councell (verified owner)

    Once I tried this balsamic I put it on everything! It’s amazing ! If you want to have a delicious curry flavor on your rice or noodles look no further than this delicious balsamic! Once I discovered the coconut balsamic putting them together blew my mind!
    When you eat like me whole food plant based SOS free it’s not easy to find something that’s so convenient and complies with the way I eat!
    I can’t say thank you enough for making my way of eating so much easier and tastier!! It’s also great just over a big sweet potato!

  8. Susan in NC

    The Curry Balsamic is probably my very fave! I use it on stir fried rice, veggies, pasta, beans, etc. Before trying this flavor, I was never a big curry fan. Now, when I am having a “I just want something and I don’t know what” craving, I go get a teaspoon of curry balsamic and eat it plain. Oh my gosh, soooo yum!

  9. Debra (verified owner)

    This is absolutely the BEST! It’s good on just about everything, rice, potatoes, chickpeas, etc. I can’t say enough good things about this flavor!

  10. Terry

    When I first tried the Curry vinegar, it wasn’t my favorite flavor. I’m just not that big on curry.

    Well, I tried it drizzled over some Hannah sweet potatoes today and it was absolutely wonderful!!

    Keep on doing what you do! You guys rock!!!!

  11. Lynn (verified owner)

    This is one of my very favorites of theirs. I love it on steamed veggies, especially carrots and sweet potatoes! A little bit goes a LONG way. I include this daily.

  12. Barbara

    This exquisite vinegar, added to brown rice and any vegetable, steamed or raw, is a wonderful dinner. I’m whole-food, plant-based and like to eat simply. But this makes eating simply, simply decadent!

  13. Linda (verified owner)

    If you like curry and you want to increase your consumption of salad, this is the vinegar for you. It’s great with just lettuce, but it’s even better in a salad with chickpeas, unsweetened coconut flakes, roasted sweet potatoes, etc. My favorite!

  14. Shirley (verified owner)

    So delicious! Try it and I guarantee it won’t disappoint! Love, love, love it!!!

  15. nora (verified owner)

    Amazing authentic curry flavor, very impressed!

  16. Annie D

    I could drink this! Wait…I do! It’s magic over everything! One of my faves!

  17. Susan Johnston (verified owner)

    This one is my very favorite so I have to keep re-ordering! Love it on potatoes, rice, veggies.

  18. Donna Sickler (verified owner)

    Curry balsamic is absolutely delicious! Such perfect flavor. I add it to my rice and veggies. Absolutely delish!

  19. Harold (verified owner)

    I love this vinegar. I’m ordering my second bottle today. I took the remains of my first bottle to a college-town restaurant today, and several wait staff members asked me what it was. I think I may have gotten a few new customers for this company today!

  20. Barbara (verified owner)

    DELISH!!! Just buy it…NOW!

  21. Donna B (verified owner)

    This is an amazing flavor, I like to put on my oat groats or rice and veggies for a quick no fuss curry!

  22. Barry Napiecek (verified owner)

    Love this balsamic

  23. Barry Napiecek (verified owner)

    love it

  24. Julianne Wilson (verified owner)

    While picking a favorite from among so many delicious options is a challenge, this one wins hands down! Last night I had it drizzled on whole grain brown rice noodles with steamed spinach and arugula. Spritzed with a bit of Bragg’s aminos and drizzled with this curry balsamic. So simple and SO much flavor! Have enjoyed it on broccoli, mushrooms, and onions on a bed of faro. Utterly delicious! Thank you!!

  25. Eileen Mierski

    Delicious. Full of flavor and just the right amount of sweetness. It transforms a plain baked potato, beans and/or vegetables into a meal.

  26. Jim nahra (verified owner)

    Love this flavor on vegetables

  27. Paula Becker (verified owner)

    I am very particular about my curry and jumping juniper this Curry Balsamic is Amazing!! When in a hurry for a curry flavor, without the fuss, go for this curry!!
    Every dish or vegetable I put this curry balsamic on, makes it tastes like a 5 star gourmet restaurant dish! Don’t hesitate, buy this! I will never run out of this Curry Balsamic!!

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