Smoked Hickory Balsamic

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Our Smoked Hickory balsamic is sodium free, fat free, cholesterol free blend of our premium classic balsamic with a savory smoked flavoring. A richly flavorful balsamic vinegar for finishing your meal, Smoked Hickory is popular over dinner salads salads, drizzled over vegetables, marinating meats, or as a delightful finish for fish or chicken.

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Ingredients: Premium Dark Balsamic Vinegar (4% acidity), Hickory Flavoring

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23 reviews for Smoked Hickory Balsamic

  1. diane garber (verified owner)

    My absolute FAVORITE! Smoked Hickory Balsamic is the tastiest, healthiest replacement for your (former) sugar-sweetened BBQ sauce. I especially enjoy the Smoked Hickory Balsamic on potatoes, or roasted veggies. This can also be a wonderful glaze for your veggie loaf. SOOOOO delish!

  2. Kristen

    This one really surprised me (I ordered a sampler pack). I’m not a meat eater, so it’s exceptionally rare that I have smoked hickory anything. I’ve been missing out! The other day I made a large salad topped with sweet potato, acorn squash, pumpkin seeds, and a bean and mushroom plant-based “meatloaf” that had a sugar-free bbq sauce on it, so I thought this flavor might blend well. And boy, did it ever…it was amazing! What a fantastic option to flavor cooked veggies, salads, plant-based burgers, etc. The largest bottle is on my Christmas wish list.

  3. Michelle (verified owner)

    Love to mix equal parts of this smoked hickory balsamic with the blazin’ habanero balsamic to top any salt free beans I have on hand for a delicious sos free baked bean flavor!
    I serve my beans atop rice I’ve simply dressed with equal parts cilantro herb balsamic and fresh or bottled lime juice.
    It’s my favorite sos free beans and rice combo ever and couldn’t be simpler!

  4. Sharyn Councell

    This is another one that got me at the sample! Once I tried it I had to get the biggest bottle!
    I like to use it when I want that savory smokey barbecue flavor! It pairs wonderfully with the Blazen and habanero!
    Over baked sweet potatoes balances out the sweetness so perfectly! It’s also delicious drizzled over my air fried golden potatoes!

  5. Debra (verified owner)

    Delicious!! I use this instead of BBQ sauce, the flavor is better in my opinion. You wont regret this one!

  6. Babette (verified owner)

    I never would have believed how delicious this vinegar is until I tried it. It is now my most favorite vinegar and my bottle is almost gone! I use this vinegar on my large salad every day which includes romaine, arugula, cabbage, red onions, red bell pepper, sweet snap peas, pomegranate aerials, and dehydrated chickpeas. I also use this vinegar on my stirfried vegetables. It’s definitely my number one vinegar now. Thank you for making this flavorful vinegar.

  7. Nina (verified owner)

    My absolute favorite balsamic. I love to drizzle it over my steamed veggies, especially steamed broccolini! It’s also great to toss veggies in before roasting, along with a little Rosemary and Thyme.

  8. Angela Schooley

    When you can’t grill out, this balsamic brings the outdoors to you. I love it on chicken and salmon.

  9. Lori H (verified owner)

    I add this to so many things – the Hickory Smoke gives a depth and umami experience to dishes from refried beans to chilis, stir-fry…. I always keep on hand!

  10. Leslie Correll

    This is so delicious, especially on greens! I want to try it on potatoes too! So GOOD! I received this as a free sample, not a flavor I would normally pick out. But man oh man it’s absolutely delightful! HIGHLY recommend!

  11. Doris Barber (verified owner)

    This is a real crowd pleaser! We look forward to using this instead of bar-b-que sauce.

  12. Sarah Bryant

    I received this in a sample order temple order and what and was amazed at how wonderful it tastes. I eat a whole food plant based diet andiet and when I put this on my green’s, comma it tastes like I’ve added smoked meat. I can’t wait to try it when I make baked beans.. It has quickly become one of my favorite.

  13. Yvette Conatser

    Shockingly good! It was the first one I tried out of the sampler I bought, and man oh man, I haven’t moved on from it yet. Sooooooo good!

  14. Betsy

    Can I give it more than 5 stars? I just got it today and used it on top of some Mama Sezz baked beans and also my salad. I think I need to just go ahead and order my next bottle now… SO good!

  15. Sarah (verified owner)

    I received this as a sample and once I tasted it, I was hooked. I do not eat meat, but I’ve always loved the taste of smoked meat in greens. I eat mixed greens every morning and I am so glad that I discovered Smoked Hickory Balsamic. It gives my greens that smoked taste that really hits the spot.

  16. Valorie (verified owner)

    Love this flavor!! We use this on steamed vegetables and it’s fantastic!

  17. Jim nahra (verified owner)

    This is our absolute favorite flavor. Love it on stir fry

  18. Bob Rentschler

    This is the best by far with Venison, oh my just great. Either out of the bottle or mixed in with as a marinade, it is my go to for Venison tenderloin!!!

  19. Tracy Marikian

    Yes, it’s great on chicken, meat, salads, potatoes, etc. but I use it on my charcuterie board! Manchango cheese with this balsamic drizzled over is magical!!! I could drink the stuff!!!

  20. Shandra

    I really love this on sauteed chicken and salmon! I ran out and really miss it! Need to order more!

  21. Laura (verified owner)

    I can’t live without this and 7 herb italian in my pantry. This one is so good on beans, and on greens. In chili.

  22. Elaine Lamb

    I tried Chef AJ’s recipe for bbq sauce using this and it was very good. You don’t have to have any added sugary or salty ingredients. It’s just tomato paste and this vinegar.

  23. llewey (verified owner)

    I love this balsamic! I have a recipe for Balsamic-Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta, and this just pushes it right over the top! Actually, its great on just about any type of meat as well!

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