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Candy Dance 2023 – Genoa, NV on September 23 – 24

Come join Thomas and Ethel for one of their all-time favorite events of the year. A number of special events occur throughout the year in Genoa, but none are more significant than the annual Genoa Candy Dance Arts & Crafts Faire. This event, which boasts over 300 arts and crafts, activity, and food vendors, draws thousands of people to Genoa during the two-day event. The original Genoa Candy Dance and Dinner fundraiser in 1919 was held by the ladies of the town to pay for the purchase of street lights for Genoa. After the lights were purchased, it became necessary to continue the fundraising to cover the cost of the electricity, and in 1974 the Arts & Crafts Faire was added to the event. The Genoa Candy Dance tradition continues to support the Town of Genoa today, and just as it was a hundred years ago, today’s event is made possible through the invaluable efforts of Genoa volunteers.

Location: Main Street In Genoa (our booth is right at the Mormon Station Historical Marker)
2299 Main St, Genoa, NV 89411


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3 thoughts on “Candy Dance 2023 – Genoa, NV on September 23 – 24

  1. Is the event still on for this year?

    1. Kathy,
      Yes, the Candy Dance is our favorite event and we’re planning on being there. Please introduce yourself if you go.
      Thanks, Thomas

  2. We are so excited to see you at the candy dance… We’re telling everybody in Tahoe I look forward to finally getting to meet you in person! We love highlighting your balsamic vinegars in our cooking class through LTCC!

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