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Cucumber Sesame Salad

Recipe by: Debbie B.



  1. Slice Cucumbers, place in mixing bowl
  2. Stir in Cucumber Balsamic to taste
  3. Top with Sesame Seeds
  4. Serve and enjoy!


“I had some English Cucumbers at home, and thought I had some rice vinegar, so I thought I’d make my own. When I brought it home, I was disappointed to discover I had no rice vinegar. I was going to use one of my many California Balsamic flavors and just assumed any would taste good enough. However, it dawned on me that I had the Cucumber Balsamic in my cabinet. I mixed that with the cucumbers, topped it with the sesame seeds, and my husband and I both agreed this cucumber salad was better than any we had eaten at any sushi restaurant.”

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