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California Balsamic Mail Order Promotion: Two Free 1.6 oz Samples with purchase (This is the Chef AJ promotion)

With every order placed through our website we will include two 1.6oz sample bottles of other flavors on our site in your box to try out! (Truffle oil excluded). To choose the two flavors yourself, just write the names of the two flavors in the order notes box during checkout, otherwise we’ll happily pick the two out for you. Limit one set of promotion freebies per order.

This special goes by many names in different communities (Chef AJ Special, Nutmeg Notebook Special, etc) but people often got confused about how the special worked because it wasn’t on our website so we decided to put it up on the site for everyone to use and know exactly how it works. This is NOT a different special, so writing different names for this same special will not get you multiple sets of the two freebies. One set of two freebies for every placed order.

12 thoughts on “California Balsamic Mail Order Promotion: Two Free 1.6 oz Samples with purchase (This is the Chef AJ promotion)

  1. Love your products as Chef AJ introduced me

  2. I saw your product mentioned on Chew on Vegan and I enjoy her videos and know that she has very good recipes for my personal situation. I saw her Teriyaki balsamic being used on her veggie stir fry and I also ordered an 8 oz bottle for me. I would like the 2 free 1.6 oz sample bottle . I also have watched Chef AJ for a long time.

  3. I love Chef AJ and I love California Balsamic. I get tired of same ole food rather easily but CB always makes things better and more fun! I must have 30 bottles on the shelf – many are almost gone and it’s time to order order. Thank you for offering such a great product – we truly love it and never have to worry about the quality of the vinegars – near the end of each bottle is just as delicious as the beginning of a new opened bottle!

  4. Hello, I absolutely love your vinegars!! There is a major issue however, I’m not sure which one I like the best 🙁
    This will be my second order, please include 2 free samples of your latest vinegar flavors. THANKS !!

  5. I would love to try your flavoured vinegars. Do you ship to Canada?

  6. I just placed an order and forgot to put Chef AJ. 😔

    I love your vinegars!♥️

  7. I watched chef AJ cook on Youtube today. She mentioned the promotion happening now with California Balsamic. I would like to participate in the 2 free 1.6oz bottles of vinegar with the purchase of one larger bottle. I am looking forward to tasting your vinegar.
    Thank you for the promotion and thank you chef AJ.

  8. I purchase your Vinegar every year at Strawberry Days, but we have not had you there for 3 years now (due to you know what, plus this year not there). I am so glad I can purchase on-line. Best Vinegars I have ever had and so flavorful. Can use for many things.

    1. Thanks Amanda,
      We plan on attending the Strawberry Days festival in 2023. Stop by and say Hi! Thomas & Ethel CA Balsamic

  9. My family and friends love your balsamic. Can’t wait to get my order.

  10. I just love your oil free vinegar.
    I am plant base and carry my sample bottle everywhere when I eat out.
    The best ever.
    Great on my salads
    Friends can’t believe its vinegar
    Thank your making oil free

  11. Missed you at Del Mar Harvest Festival! Had a family order, have bought from you many many years there! They say you only do organic food shows. Do you have a schedule?

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