7-Herb Italian Balsamic

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Our 7-Herb Italian Balsamic is one of our newest additions to the California Balsamic family of specialty balsamic vinegar flavors. A savory blend of our premium white balsamic with an Italian herb blend courtesy of our friend in the SOS-free community Nick over at Local Spicery, the Italian Herb Balsamic can be used as an excellent oil-free dressing or as a finishing sauce over vegetables, salads, fish, pizza, chicken or steaks. Mix with your favorite oil for a vibrant Italian vinaigrette, or enjoy drizzled over straight for an oil-free recipe.

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Ingredients: Premium White Balsamic Vinegar (4% acidity), Sage, Basil, Oregano, Marjoram, Lemon Peel, Porchini Mushroom, Garlic, Sun Dried Tomato, Chile


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33 reviews for 7-Herb Italian Balsamic

  1. Millie Ferrin

    All the flavor of a classic Italian dressing with no salt, sugar or oil. I don’t know how you did it but it is pure magic!

  2. Lisa Layman

    So much flavor! I have been looking for something to replace Italian salad dressing and this is it! Delicious!

  3. Liz Carruth

    Loved this one! Rich Italian flavor and sweet. perfect on any salad

  4. Janet DeMaio (verified owner)

    I’ve bought my second one just last week! This is such a good flavor!! I use it on so many things!!

  5. Janice

    So much flavor and such a light finish for a plate of greens. A little goes a long way… great flavor… perfect!!

  6. Lisa Fergus (verified owner)

    Delicious on a salad and you only need a little! Also delicious in a pasta salad with a splash of red wine vinegar and paprika.

  7. diane garber

    Versatile winner! 7-Herb Italian Balsamic enhances flavorful roasted veggies. The natural sweetness with authentic Italian seasoning is terrific. Thanks.

  8. Cindy (verified owner)

    Back for my second and third bottle. This sos free balsamic is amazing and goes on everything. Thank you.

  9. Cheryl Becwar (verified owner)

    This flavor a hot commodity in my house. I use it on my salads and it doesn’t last long in my house.

  10. Brigid (verified owner)

    This is absolutely delicious!! The Italian herbs are so vibrant and as a dressing it is light and refreshing. I will be ordering another bottle or two soon!!

  11. Glenda lacy (verified owner)

    I love love this balsamic vinegar! I love it on salad, vegetables, anything I put it on is awesome. I’m back for 2 more bottles today! ( I would love this in bigger sizes:)

  12. Sharyn Councell (verified owner)

    No oil , no problem!!
    This balsamic surpasses any Italian dressing on the market!
    Also great on pasta instead of using tomato sauce, or on my zoodles with broccoli and spinach!
    I also used it in making spaghetti gravy, since I don’t use it any sweeteners this was a delicious alternative!

  13. Ann (verified owner)

    My husband who is a ranch dressing fan loves this 7 herb Italian balsamic.

  14. Janet Hudgens

    My husband (who is not a vinegar lover) tasted this flavor and has taken it over as his own! It’s a favorite in our house!

  15. Alicia McGee-Doss (verified owner)

    I love these products! Keep them coming.

  16. Simone Goyeneche (verified owner)

    My new favorite salad dressing, second only to Pomegranate. Wonderful!

  17. Jeani (verified owner)

    This was my first bottle and now I’m back for more

  18. SIMONEJ.HALE (verified owner)

    this is my second order…i love the flavor i put it on SALADS AND STEAMED VEGGIES ALSO USED IN POTATO SALAD

  19. Peggy Bertsch

    I combine this with Ruby Red Onion on my chopped salads. Delish!

  20. Jay

    Simply perfect! I use it in my salads of course, but also in my marinades!

  21. Pam Purcell (verified owner)

    Classic Italian dressing without the OIL! Just ordered my 6th bottle…..seriously addicted! Packaging surprisingly secure for these bottles! Awesome CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  22. Barbara Carson (verified owner)

    I use this for salad dressing. It has a great flavor and I like it better than any bottle dressing I’ve ever used. Also, the customer service of this company is outstanding.

  23. Jean (verified owner)

    A very delicious go to balsamic

  24. Mimi G (verified owner)

    Wow, so versatile! My husband, doesn’t like any vinegars but this, he says he can drink it, it’s so good. I not only use it for salads, steamed veggies, pasta and marinade for cornish hens but I love it to dip my evening snack of salt free pretzels, into. They can taste a little like cardboard but with the 7 Herb Italian Balsamic, they’re as good as any gourmet pretzel!

  25. mbsactress (verified owner)

    Hands down THE best Italian dressing. So packed with flavor without all the bad stuff found in other Italian dressings. We are customers for life!


    Unfortunately I did not like this one. The sage was too overwhelming for me.

  27. Stacey McQueen (verified owner)

    First time ordering and loving it so far!! I tried this one when sautéing my veggies, it’s amazing!

  28. Tia

    This stuff is amazing! My husband usually hates vinegar and he loves everything we have had from California Balsamic! I wish I could give this more than 5 stars!

  29. Carol Glavic

    The Italian taste in this is over the moon. Can’t believe it’s made this great without salt and oil. Totally amazing.

  30. Serena Hill (verified owner)

    7 Herb Italian is my favorite! I eat it on my salad almost everyday, except when I want to change it up occasionally. Then I also like the cilantro and sweet heat.

  31. Megan Hunter

    I got this in as a sample with a previous order and all I can think of is how great this would be on a pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, black olives, and a plant based pasta! An excellent oil free alternative full of flavor!

  32. Regina (verified owner)

    I love this 7-Herb Italian Balsamic. It has saved my salads, and has made it easier for me to eat heathy! I am grateful for that, and for their wonderful owner and excellent customer service! I have a number of their oil-free balsamics!

  33. Donna Sickler (verified owner)

    7 herb Italian is amazing… so many herbs… absolutely delicious on my salad… no sugar, oil or salt!

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