CLEARANCE: Organic Tart Balsamic


NOTE: This product is being sold at a discounted price because it has a shorter best-by date than our standard, the best-by of these bottles is October 2024. They are shipped with our white shrink capsule instead of their standard color, and will have a “C” written on the cap to mark them as a clearance product. Great for fans of our more tart and thinner Organic Tart to have plenty of vinegar on hand for their salads and veggies all summer.  🙂

Our first foray into the traditional 6% acidity Balsamic of Modena style since our days as Tres Classique! For those who prefer their balsamic with a little more of a bite or more liquid for marinades and vegetable tossing, this is the flavor for you. Our 6% acidity product line uses a new organic balsamic vinegar base, and works perfectly for most online recipes that call for traditional tart balsamic.

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Ingredients: Organic Dark balsamic (6% acidity)


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