Persian Lime Balsamic


California Balsamic is proud to announce the introduction of our newest flavor: Persian Lime Balsamic. The Persian Limes are grown in Turkey, completely dried and then sent to California to be ground into a coarse spice. We blend it with our Premium White Balsamic to make an authentic Persian Lime Balsamic with no artificial ingredients.

Fun ways to use the Persian Lime Balsamic: over green salads, coleslaw, guacamole, Latin cuisine, fruit salad, vegetables, seafood or Chicken. Don’t have a lime for your Corona beer or Gin & Tonic? Add a teaspoon of our Persian Lime!

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Ingredients: Premium White Balsamic Vinegar (4% acidity), Ground Persian Lime


3oz: $10, 5oz: $13, 8.4oz: $19, 12.7oz: $23


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