Persian Lime Balsamic

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California Balsamic is proud to announce the introduction of our newest flavor: Persian Lime Balsamic. The Persian Limes are grown in Turkey, completely dried and then sent to California to be ground into a coarse spice. We blend it with our Premium White Balsamic to make an authentic Persian Lime Balsamic with no artificial ingredients.

Fun ways to use the Persian Lime Balsamic: over green salads, coleslaw, guacamole, Latin cuisine, fruit salad, vegetables, seafood or Chicken. Don’t have a lime for your Corona beer or Gin & Tonic? Add a teaspoon of our Persian Lime!

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Ingredients: Premium White Balsamic Vinegar (4% acidity), Ground Persian Lime


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6 reviews for Persian Lime Balsamic

  1. Chris (verified owner)

    Dear Thomas, Your Balsamic Vinegars are sensational and always transport me to Paradise! I just tried the Persian Lime and it is fabulous! While Persian Lime has a citrus tang it is also subtle, sublime and unforgettable. The sparkling flavor cleanses the palate leaving one with this remarkable, exotic, lingering essence. Persian Lime is truly an Earthly Delight!

    Chris in New York City

  2. Wendy Hardaway

    This is my new favorite!!! Love it… it is so good to mix with the Garlic for an extra kick!

  3. Nancy Lee

    This is so fresh tasting. I will order the big bottle next order. Put on vegetables and fish. Just delicious and refreshing.

  4. Peter Shire

    Dear Thomas,
    The Persian Lime Vinegar is remarkably smooth, with a full rich consistency, so much so, that on salad no olive oil was needed; and even with a small amount, the flavor fills the palette and lingers.
    For me there was an added, surprising bonus: I usually cannot use vinegar, and certainly not without smoothing it with olive oil, as it makes me cough and irritates my mouth, throat and tongue. But with your Persian Lime, there was no coughing and no irritation. Indeed, it’s so smooth, it could actually be consumed right out of the bottle. I look forward to trying some of your other flavors.
    With the tip of the hat, sincerely,
    New York

  5. Jean (verified owner)

    If you like the taste of lime, you’ll love this Persian Lime! I’m on my second bottle and I give out my samples to friends.

  6. Nancy Lopez-Ibanez (verified owner)

    I discovered these balsamic vinegars through Chef AJ’s website. I love them all for different recipes. I ordered this Persian Lime recently and find it to be “chemical” tasting and not a true lime taste. Going back to my Simply Lemon

    • admin (verified owner)

      Our apologies for the bad experience with a flavor. The only ingredient that goes into that bottle is dried Persian Lime direct from Turkey to be ground to a course powder for our balsamic, that flavor doesn’t use a flavoring agent or anything of the sort. No “chemicals” of any sort, just ground lime and balsamic.

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