California Balsamic Ultimate Oil Free Sampler


By popular request, we are now offering the ultimate California Balsamic gift set: A massive give box containing all 38 of the oil-free flavors in the California Balsamic Range in a convenient squeezable BPA-free PET plastic 3oz travel bottle size. The gift set is $330, and contains $380 worth of travel bottles for a $50 savings. The 3oz bottles are also refillable, so if you end up getting large bottles of your favorites later you can refill your travel bottle and reuse the convenient drizzle cap for years to come.

NOTE: This set is customizable. If you’d like to customize the contents, please tell us the flavors you’d like substituted in the “order notes” box which is located at the bottom of the Checkout page BEFORE going to PayPal or entering your card information. Your order note should be visible on the email you receive after placing your order. If the order notes section is blank in your email, then it’s also blank for us and you need to reply back to that email with the message you had meant to leave so we can add it manually and make sure you get what you wanted. The most common causes of the order note getting “lost” are leaving the checkout page, changing tabs on mobile, refreshing the page, or auto-filling after having typed and your auto-fill deleting the box contents. The safest way to make sure your note stays is to enter it last during checkout, and then immediately proceed to payment.

Scroll down and watch the video below to learn how to open and “shake” our premium balsamic blends.

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NOTE: The contents of this gift set were modified on 3-6-24 to include the complete current product line

The “No Box” Option will ship the bottles by themselves without the gift box. The gift set contains  the following 38 oil-free flavors:

  1. Classic Dark
  2. Pomegranate
  3. Fig
  4. Apricot
  5. Very Cherry
  6. Teriyaki
  7. Gilroy Garlic
  8. Sweet Heat
  9. Apple Pie
  10. Blazin’ Habanero
  11. Hickory
  12. Chocolate Orange
  13. Huckleberry
  14. Organic TART
  15. Autumn Apple
  16. Premium White
  17. Lavender
  18. Coconut
  19. Blackberry
  20. Raspberry
  21. Pear
  22. Peach
  23. Strawberry
  24. Rasp. Flame
  25. Ruby Red Onion
  26. Dill Mustard
  27. Basil Balsamic
  28. Cilantro
  29. Curry
  30. Grapefruit
  31. Simply Lemon
  32. Cucumber
  33. Persian
  34. Mandarin
  35. Ginger
  36. 7-herb Italian
  37. Pumpkin Spice
  38. Jalapeno Lime

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With Gift Box (Oil-Free) $335, No Box (oil-Free) $330


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