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Dill Chickpea Salad by @apricots_and_almonds

Recipe by: Corey Colburn from @apricots_and_almonds on Instagram

My Garden Dill Mustard Seed Balsamic recipe is really easy, and customizable, too: Chickpea, Cucumber, & Dill Salad. I am not one for measuring things, we stumbled upon this flavor combo with the Garden Dill Balsamic and it has become a part of our regular rotation of dishes. So much so that when I’ve whipped some up to pop in the fridge my husband will often discover it and dig in before a meal, haha.

Necessary ingredients in whatever ratio feels good: canned or cooked chickpeas, chopped/diced cucumber, dill (fresh or dried), and Garden Dill Mustard Seed Balsamic. Stir the first 3 ingredients together (I am pretty generous with the dill), then stir in a bit of the balsamic – enough to coat. Then let it all chill/marinate in the fridge, and top with a bit more balsamic when serving.  Optional Ingredients: stir in cold cooked potato chunks (red or gold potatoes work best), and/or serve on a bed of fresh arugula. I have even mixed it in with a green salad full of rice and other leftovers (what my friend calls “frisking-the-fridge”).

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