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November Special 2023: Buy any THREE 8.4 or 12.7oz bottles, get TWO free 3oz travel bottles with your order

For the entire month of November, we’ll be offering one of our three times a year special promotions. For EVERY group of THREE bottles you buy that are either 8.4oz or 12.7oz (mix & matching sizes is ok) we’ll add TWO 3oz travel bottles of your choice. For example: if you put three large bottles in your shopping cart, we’d want you to tell us what the two free travel bottle flavors should be. Order six bottles (8.4 or 12.7oz) and you’ll get 4 free travel bottles. For serious shoppers who order a case of 12 bottles, you’ll get 8 free travel bottles ($80 value). We do not make our olive oils or Tres Classique flavors in the 3oz size, so olive oils and Tres Classique are NOT available for this special’s freebies.

As always, we’ll be putting in the two free 1.6oz sample bottles with your order for the standard mail order special. Those two sample bottles ARE the mail order special. This promotion is not combine-able with any other existing promotions (all our SOS Free friends, don’t ask for the two freebies twice! There’s never more than 2 free 1.6oz samples with any order).  Now, as usual, there are certain restrictions for the Free Bottles: We do NOT offer samples of any Tres Classique flavors, Truffle Oil, Saigon Cinnamon, or our Dipping Vinaigrette.  

Here’s how you tell us what you’d like for the free 3oz Travel Bottles and two 1.6oz sample bottles: When you have all the bottles you want to purchase in the shopping cart, go to the Checkout page. At the very bottom of the Checkout page is a box called “Order Notes.” In that box type: “November Special” and then tell us what the travel bottle flavors should be as well as the two 1.6oz sample flavors for the regular mail order promotion.  PayPal users: Be careful to go to the Order Notes box BEFORE proceeding to PayPal.  If you put in your PayPal info in using the yellow pay with PayPal express checkout button, you will not be able to go back to the Order Notes box and you’ll have to email us your freebie requests.

IMPORTANT: Your order note should be visible on the email you receive after placing your order. If the order notes section there is blank in your email, then it’s blank for us and you need to reply back to that email with the message you had meant to leave so we can add it manually and make sure you get what you wanted. The most common causes of the order note getting “lost” are leaving the checkout page, changing tabs on mobile, refreshing the page, or auto-filling after having typed and your auto-fill deleting the box contents. The safest way to make sure your note stays is to enter it last during checkout, and then immediately proceed to payment.

3 thoughts on “November Special 2023: Buy any THREE 8.4 or 12.7oz bottles, get TWO free 3oz travel bottles with your order

  1. For my two samples can I please get persian lime and crisp cucumber? THANK YOU!!!!

  2. Please confirm whether the sugar in 7-herb Italian and Ruby red onion balsamic is added sugar. This loved both of these favors but also concerned about adding extra sugar to my diet.

  3. I made a mistake and did not order which sample/travel bottles I wanted. I just placed an order (March 25 @ 6:43 pm). Can I please order them now? I want Cilantro Herb Balsamic and Coconut Balsamic.

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