Mandarin Orange Balsamic

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Mandarin Orange is an exceptionally flavorful blend of our Premium White Balsamic and an all-natural Mandarin Orange flavoring.

Popular ways to use the Mandarin Orange is over any green salad, put some over your favorite cooked veggies, sprinkle over a bowl of fresh fruit, add some to your oatmeal or bowl of granola. Chef AJ uses a tablespoon of Mandarin Orange Balsamic in an 8oz glass of sparkling water, so refreshing! Add a teaspoon over a serving of tofu for extra flavor. Make your own Chinese vegetable salad dressing using the Mandarin Orange as one of the ingredients.

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Ingredients: premium white balsamic (4% acidity), natural mandarin orange flavoring

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4 reviews for Mandarin Orange Balsamic

  1. Karen (verified owner)

    It’s so delicious in making orange chicken. 😋

  2. Eileen Mierski

    So delicious! My favorite way to use it is on a simple salad with mustard greens or Spring Mix and some canned or jarred Mandarin Orange segments. Optional add ins include almonds, candied pecans, scallions, edamame and /or dried cranberries. This is especially good if the vinegar, Mandarin Oranges and almonds are pantry stables at your house,

  3. Sandy Musselman (verified owner)

    This is the best of some amazingly wonderful flavors! It seems to cling to the vegetables/salad as though it contained some oil (which it does not). I also use it in combo with the Garden Dill Mustard Seed. It adds a hint of orange and alot of smoothness.

  4. Susan

    Mandarin Orange is so refreshing in a glass of cool water with orange slices in the bottom of the glass. Simple but delicious.

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