Tapered Pour Spout with Flip-Top Cap


An easily washable one-piece soft plastic pouring spout with a flip-top cap and a small vent while pouring, perfect for getting a smooth and controlled pour from your California Balsamic bottles while also keeping the bottle firmly sealed when not in use to maximize shelf life. Presses firmly into your 8.4 or 12.7oz bottles and stays in place, just pop the top off to pour what you want then flip it back on and set back in the cabinet! The caps are $3 each, perfect for adding on alongside your 8.4 or 12.7oz bottles.

NOTE: These spouts are ONLY compatible with the 8.4oz and 12.7oz sizes, and do NOT fit the 5oz bottles. If you’d prefer a smaller drizzle cap for the 5oz bottles then we also carry our empty 3oz travel bottles to fill from your large bottle with your favorite flavor and take on the go.


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