Mini Bottle Sampler (Oil-Free)

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This offer includes 18 of our convenient BPA-free PET plastic 1.6oz Sample bottles, perfect for trying out a wide range of our flavors to see what you like. If you would like to customize the gift set contents please tell us what flavors you want for all 18 bottles or tell us which ones you would like to trade out for different ones in the order notes during checkout, under where you put in your address information. All 18 mini bottles can be put into a gift box for an additional $2, and a complimentary Gift Card can be added to the “with box” option by request.  Tell us what you’d like the card to say in the order notes box during checkout in quotations (not the comments box on this product).

NOTE: This set is customizable. If you’d like to customize the contents, please tell us the flavors you’d like substituted in the “order notes” box which is located at the bottom of the Checkout page just past where you put in your address information. Your order note should be visible on the email you receive after placing your order. If the order notes section is blank in your email, then it’s also blank for us and you need to reply back to that email with the message you had meant to leave so we can add it manually and make sure you get what you wanted. The most common causes of the order note getting “lost” are leaving the checkout page, changing tabs on mobile, refreshing the page, or auto-filling after having typed and your auto-fill deleting the box contents. The safest way to make sure your note stays is to enter it last during checkout, and then immediately proceed to payment.

Scroll down and watch the video below to learn how to open and “shake” our premium balsamic blends.


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The Oil-Free version comes with the following 18 1.6oz sample bottle flavors by default:
-Curry -Cilantro -Pomegranate -Gilroy -Sweet Heat -raspberry
-Basil -Dill Mustard -Fig -Teriyaki -Hickory -Italian Herb
-Peach -Strawberry -Simply Lemon -Pear -Classic Dark -Classic White

The “With Box” option includes the 18 bottles inside the gift box pictured .


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No Box Oil-Free $80, With Box Oil Free $82

2 reviews for Mini Bottle Sampler (Oil-Free)

  1. Vickie (verified owner)

    This was my first time ordering. I received my order and 3 of the bottles opened some how leaking all over the other samples and the box. I was very disappointed this happened. I love all the flavors and would really like to place another order, but I am concerned this may happen again. 5 stars for the flavors.

    • California Balsamic (verified owner)

      Hello Vickie, Patrick with CA Balsamic here. I apologize that you had an issue with the mini-bottles leaking, the caps must have been improperly tightened on our end. Email us at saying you spoke with Patrick and the three flavors that arrived leaking and I’ll get you your three replacement bottles in the mail as an apology for the sticky mess. Our glass bottles are tightened using a handheld electric bottle capper and are shrink-wrap capsule sealed, so this sort of leak isn’t possible there. The plastic bottles have to be hand-tightened to hold shut without overtightening and damaging the seals.

  2. sherry

    I’m so glad I bought the sampler set. It wasn’t cheap but I made so many discoveries of flavors I love.
    Sweet Apple Pie – fantastic on oatmeal
    Ruby Red Onion – fantastic on a healthy stir fry of shredded purple cabbage, onion, apple slices and topped with sauerkraut
    Cilantro herb – fantastic on a mexican salad
    Blazin Habanero – fantastic on anything that needs heat.
    Crisp Cucumber, Mandarin Orange, Pear, Blackberry, Apricot, Coconut, Island Pineapple, Peach, & Simply lemon are all great on chopped green leafy salads that include the respective fruits (or fruit families).
    I also enjoy the classics like Ginger and Spice Traders Curry for Asian or Indian cuisine and Teriyaki for Japanese Asian cuisine.
    I still have to figure out what to do with some like Lavendar and Persian Lime – which I know will involve some very enjoyable recipe testing.
    For my taste, there were only a very few that I could say I won’t use (Very Cherry and Strawberry Blond didn’t rock my world) but for sure 95% are all very tasty and I will be re-ordering everything I listed above so this sampler really worked out great for me.

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