Fig Balsamic

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Our Premium Classic balsamic blended with a delicious fig flavor. Sweet, rich and flavorful are easy ways to describe this product, but tasting is always the best way to know for sure. It’s delicious on veggies, salads, and baked chicken, chopped fruits or as a topping for ice cream & yogurt.

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Ingredients: Premium Dark Balsamic Vinegar (4% acidity), Fig Flavoring

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8 reviews for Fig Balsamic

  1. Kristen Elder

    I’m in shock that the fig flavor hasn’t been reviewed yet! I ordered a sampler and have never eaten a fig before, so I had no idea what to expect from this. Well, it exceeded all expectations and I’ll be ordering the large bottle next. I initially tried it on a salad of spinach, red pear, and dried cranberries–which was to die for. I basically want to put it on everything–sweet and savory dishes alike–and have been telling everyone who listens. 🙂 You will not be disappointed!

  2. Sharyn Councell

    I love the fig balsamic! It’s a wonderful way to sweeten sauces without using sugar or maple syrup! A little drizzle on anything savory like a vegan pizza or spaghetti and veggie balls Even a stir fry!
    I also used it instead of sugar when making my own spaghetti gravy (sauce),

  3. Pam in Sacramento

    This is a wonderful, sweet, but not cloying dressing. It complements pears, both fresh and baked. As another reviewer wrote, it tastes perfect on a green salad with baby greens or spinach, fresh pear and dried cranberries. Toss a few toasted pecans on top to take it to another level.

  4. Debra

    I absolutely love this on sweet potatoes!

  5. Charlene Pasakarnis (verified owner)

    Fig Balsamic is my fav. I use it mostly on my sauteed veggies (no oil saute’, just broth). I splash it on in the last few minutes of cooking. It gives the veggies a nice mix of flavour with a hint of sweet fig and freshness!

  6. Megan Hunter

    This tastes like liquid fig newtons in the best way possible. I have tried to like whole fresh figs, it is a work in progress. I got this flavor in my most recent order and I want it on everything! Especially oatmeal or fruit. This is delicious!

  7. Cindy Johnson

    I love this one drizzled on toast with plain hummus and tomatoes!!! So good!!! Oh and on vegan pizza, at the end use it as a finishing sauce like MOD pizza does, but better.

  8. Theresa Stufano

    I normally buy Fig Balsamic at my local grocery store, but I will NEVER waste my money again. This Fig Balsamic is soooo much better tasting and it doesn’t have extra ingredients that I can’t even pronounce. Love this vinegar on my salads. I usually buy the pre packaged Kale salad mixes that have a packet of dressing. I will be throwing that packet out and using this instead!

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